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Nature has provided most beautiful things in the world. It is the responsibility of the humans to take care of nature. Greenery and beautiful beaches provide livelihood along with the tourism. There are a lot of ports and marinas where people handle many jobs like fishery, material loading, and unloading to various places. Ports are the main source of income for many countries due to its low cost and maintenance. They help in improving imports and exports between different countries. Most of the industrial and agriculture materials are useful and handling them in between various places using the cargo ships. Many people depend on the fishery in the large oceans using fishing harbors and trade the fishes throughout the world.

Along with the ports, a lot of marinas are maintaining where small yachts and boats carry the materials for handling with these little boats. The marinas are mostly useful for tourism purpose. The Gold Coast marinas are one of the most modern marinas which have a lot of yachts and small boats which consist of many business sources like restaurants, expensive yachts where people stay and enjoy the beautiful nature of the beaches and canals. Many people live near the marinas by living on business based on surroundings like parking, repairing facilities and crane operations.

The gold coast marinas mainly consist of parking lots and other repair services for the small boats and yachts. The marinas reserve the berth for the ships where they can park for a certain amount of time and pay for the duration and other services they have availed. Many countries develop these marinas into touristic spots by establishing restaurants, yacht services for various parties and occasions. The owners of the yacht usually opt for long-term agreements with the marinas for the berth to conduct their business operations. As the marinas do not have vast space like harbors and ports with limited berths people, have to be reserved well in advance, also see this Brisbane antifouling.

There are many private clubs and marinas maintained by people for entertainment purpose which can be useful as resorts for the people. There are many cranes and trolleys available in the marinas for the internal transportation of materials. The private marinas consist of strong security system so that no unauthorized persons enter into the private area, and when people book the yacht for a private party or occasion purpose, they provide required safety and other facilities to the guests. The business marinas even consist of money exchange service so that yachts and boats coming from various countries can exchange their currency for the local currency. Even big ships send their materials using small boats into these marinas when ports are busy, and they wait in the nearby areas from where they can send or receive materials using the yachts and boats.