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There are certain things which anybody would have to carry with him/her. Otherwise, camping may become extremely annoying and unwanted event instead of adventure. So let’s see what must be carried along.

First Aid Kit: Precaution is better than cure, never leave the first aid box at home when planning to go for hiking or camping. Of course pals! This is going to be something real and full of uncertain experiences, sand, mud, stones, uneven surfaces, river and much more is coming your way; not a bed of roses. So, carry a first aid box always and be ready for some wounds, scratches and cuts.

Hammer or mallet: On the way for camping one may find some hindrances like woods, trees, wild roots or one may require to hit the tree wood and make a stick (just an example) always carry a medium size hammer or mallet (if the place of destination is a bit wild kind). Otherwise, one may get hurt using rough huge stones for striking.

Sleeping bag: No need to explain the significance of this item, have to sleep peacefully under the sky, stars and clouds; have to carry a portable sleeping bag. Some of us are wondering how a person can carry sleeping bag all the way. No dude! It’s foldable, portable and so light weight and small (in folded position) that one can carry it in a bag pack conveniently.

Lantern or Flashlight: Night is sometimes horrible during camping, especially when one has to refill the water bottle from the natural river, which is down the hill, dark and scary. Don’t ever forget to carry a bright and good quality flashlight, these days lantern are difficult to carry (due to size, glass and other pre requisites). Better to buy a led flash light; never buy a low quality light (as it can make the situation worst from bad during hard time).

Ropes: doesn’t matter one wants to use it or not? Carry it? Is a must talking about ropes? What if one wants to genuinely climb down the hill carefully (of course with the help of ropes it’s amazing). Mentioned is an extreme situation, ropes are very useful if one wants to pull up something i.e. a water bucket, wants to pull and support your climbing partner and usage is tremendous.

Raincoat: weather is something totally unpredictable, no matter how well one uses the apps available on the app store and no matter how well, weather forecasters are? It’s something macro and uncontrollable, always carry a camping tents for sale while going on camping.

Chuck box: For so many this term is new, chuck box is a small kitchen (in common way) doesn’t means one can find edibles in it NO!. But cutlery can be carried in it very easily includes: some very useful things like: knife, spoon, forks, salt n pepper etc. Try to carry it if convenient or else get ready for some natural style of raw eating.

Insect repellent: last but not the least, going for camping is very dangerous without best canvas tents in Australia, obviously one has to sleep under the trees in tent would be a party time for wild mosquitos. Honestly, without any insect repellent overall experience can be devastating.